Dal Makhani

Daal Makhani is delicious creamy daal mixed with kidney beans. It's mildly spicy and goes with Naan or Jeera rice. Read MoreAboutDal Makhani »
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Panchmel dal (Slow cooker)

Panchmel dal or Panchratna Dal is a very popular dal from the Northern part of India. This is a combination of five different types of dals that are part of Dal-Baati-Churma. The slow cooking method of this dal in the slow cooker will extract the full flavor of all dals and nutrition. Read MoreAboutPanchmel dal (Slow cooker) »
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Mint Rice

Mint rice is a very aromatic dish. It’s very flavorful cooked with fresh mint herb and whole spices. You can enjoy it at the time of lunch or dinner. Read MoreAboutMint Rice »
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Tamarind Fried Rice (Instant Pot)

This recipe of Tamarind fried rice is specially for Instant pot. You will prepare a yummy fried rice with in no time and effort. Read MoreAboutTamarind Fried Rice (Instant Pot) »
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Puliyogare Fried Rice

Puliyogare Fried Rice is a very popular South Indian dish. The recipe here of Puliyogare Fried Rice dish is inspired by the traditional Puliyogare Rice recipe. You will find here a recipe of Puliyogare Fried Rice with a twist to bring more flavors. Read MoreAboutPuliyogare Fried Rice »
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Gorkha Chutney

Gorkha Chutney is a spicy sauce from the eastern part of India. A chutney with chili, tomato, and ginger gives a spicy jolt to your taste buds. Read MoreAboutGorkha Chutney »
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Green Pea Soup

Green pea soup is a delicious soup that is super easy to make. You can serve anyone especially kids, they will love it and you will be happy because this very very healthy and nutritious. Read MoreAboutGreen Pea Soup »
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Vegetable Pasta Soup

Vegetable Pasta Soup is very aromatic and healthy soup. It’s very flavorful cooked with fresh parsley and rosemary herb and many vegetables. You can enjoy it at time of lunch or dinner. Read MoreAboutVegetable Pasta Soup »
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Coconut Chutney

Coconut Chutney is a famous chutney originating from the Southern part of India. It is served with Dosa, Idly, Vada or Uttapam. Read MoreAboutCoconut Chutney »
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Spicy Garlic Chutney

Spicy Garlic Chutney is very spicy chutney. It can enhance taste of your any meal. Here you will find a very simple method to prepare it. Read MoreAboutSpicy Garlic Chutney »
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Red Pasta

Red pasta is a very popular Italian dish. Surely kids will love it. Here you will find a simple recipe for Red Pasta. You can send it in a lunch box or you enjoy it yourself at any time. Read MoreAboutRed Pasta »
By Vandy M

Creamy and Savory Pasta

Creamy and savory pasta is very delicious pasta dish. This is zero spicy and kids love it very much. Read MoreAboutCreamy and Savory Pasta »
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